(Q) How does the first day of leasing work?
(A) Click Here for information and examples of how the first day of leasing works. Leasing begins in early October. Our current tenants will have first opportunity to re-sign their current lease.

(Q) We want to re-sign our lease for another year, but we want to change some people on the lease, what should we do?
(A) Click Here for an example.

(Q) Explain the rent discount and how it is applied?
(A) The amounts advertised on our available housing list are the discounted rents. You must pay your rent on time to receive any discount. Therefore, if you pay on time you will pay the rental amount on the available housing list. Please note; the amount on your lease is the non-discounted amount.

(Q) Can we install a window air conditioning unit?
(A) Your lease states you may not install a window air conditioner, however, we will allow a unit to be installed in some cases if it is done correctly.  Click Here for a diagram on the correct way to install the unit.  HRI reserves the right to remove any unit not put in correctly.  You will be charged for any damage to the window or the storm/screen.

(Q) Can we install a satellite dish on our roof or attach it to the house?
(A) NO.  You cannot attach a satellite dish or any other equipment to the roof, porch, chimney, or any part of the house. Additionally, if you put a post in the ground and attach it to that, the post must be removed at the end of your lease and the ground returned to it's original condition.

(Q) P.A.C.E. Notices (pink sticker on the door).  Can P.A.C.E. issue a ticket without a pink warning sticker?
(A) YES.  Tickets will be issued without warning for failure to return the trash can to it's proper place by 10 am the day after trash day.  You may also receive a ticket without warning for failure to shovel your sidewalk and/or remove the ice from the sidewalk within 24 hours of snowfall.  CLICK HERE to connect directly to the P.A.C.E. department.

(Q) Explain the security deposit?
(A) The security deposit/damage deposit is an amount equal to 1 1/2 X your monthly rent. This is money you are eligible to get back at the end of the year. Any damages that have occurred throughout the year are deducted from this amount. Unpaid rent, utilities and other invoices will also be deducted.  An itemized list of any deductions will be returned with a check for the remainder of the deposit money as long as we receive a forwarding address with in 4 days of the end of your lease. For further info please call our office.

(Q) Cleaning fee; what is it used for and when is it applied? If I move in early do I get my cleaning fee back?
(A) Your cleaning fee is non-refundable and is used to clean your unit when you move-out.  If you move-in early you do not get your money back and the fee will not be waived. The previous tenants paid to have the unit cleaned when they moved-out; your cleaning fee will be applied in the same manor. All items on your move-out letter will be done by our cleaning crews as well as carpets cleaned.

(Q) Is Hagan Realty, Inc. required to give 24 hour notice before entering a property.
(A) No. As a courtesy to our tenants we try not to enter the units unless there has been a maintenance request, a remodel job is in progress, a showing to a prospective tenant has been requested, or the unit has an inspection in the near future. Tenants will receive a letter informing them of an upcoming inspection and that H.R.I. will be doing necessary repairs and a pre-inspection walk through.
During leasing season it's especially difficult to provide advance notice, however, we do our best to send email notification. In addition we try not schedule tours before 11 am.

(Q) What can I do to prepare for my inspection?
(A) Safety and cleanliness are key. 
Please read our inspection letter, which will be sent to you prior to your inspection.
This letter explains some of the key tenant related violations that may be avoided if you're prepared. You may also view our "Maintenance" page for tips to reduce repair costs.

(Q) What should I do if I have a maintenance issue, but I'm worried about being charged for it?
(A) Report any maintenance issues as soon as they occur. This will get the problem taken care of quicker. Also, the longer you wait the more likely costly damages are to occur. In some cases maintenance calls can be taken care of at no cost to you. Non-emergency maintenance repairs are done during regular business hours.

(Q) Can I move-in early?
(A) If you move-in early you accept the unit "as is" with regards to cleaning and painting.  We will not clean once you have started to move-in. The status of your house (whether it has been cleaned, painted, and ready to move-in) will be posted on our site in the days leading up to move-in; you may be able to move-in to a clean house and still be in early. 
More information is available on your move-in letter, (click here) for a copy.

(Q) When is my rent due?
(A) May Leases; rent is due in 3 payments:  May, September 1st, and January 1st
August Leases; rent is due in 3 payment:  August, December 1st, and March 1st
First payment is due on move in date; no occupancy until paid in full
This applies to the majority of our properties, if you have a question about your rent please refer to your lease or call our office at (517)351-0765.

(Q) Subleasing; can I do it, what do I need to know?
(A) Your lease says you need our written permission to sublease. Please call for details.

(Q) Can I get out of a lease I have signed?
(A) Yes. You may be released from the lease if someone is willing to take your place. We call this a Name Transfer. 
In order to initiate the process, we will need the NAME, NUMBER, & EMAIL for the new person.  Additionally, we need to know who the witness will be.  This is someone who is signed on the lease already and will remain on the lease; they need to sign off on the process.
**Note**    If you no longer live at the property that is NOT an excuse for not paying rent.  If your name is still on the lease YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for what happens at your place; rent, fines, etc.
There is no set fee that can simply be paid to break the lease; as an individual or a group.

(Q) My smoke detector is beeping every couple minutes, what should I do?
(A) It is beeping because it has a low battery. It is your responsibility to replace it with a new 9V battery. If you have an electric smoke detector there is still a battery back up that can get low and cause it to beep. Please contact us with any questions about your electric smoke detector.

(Q) Can we have a fire-pit, in ground or above ground? Do we need a permit from the fire department?
(A) You may not have an in ground fire-pit. Damages to your yard will be treated the same as damages to your house.  
If you wish to have an above ground fire-pit you must contact Hagan Realty as well as fire department at (517)853-0615 for a permit. Click Here for City related rules & regulations.

(Q) What does "joint and several" tenant liability mean.
(A) Joint and Several Liability. If more than one person signs the lease as a tenant, the lease may state that their obligations are “joint and several.” This means that each person is responsible not only for his or her individual
obligations, but also for the obligations of all other tenants. This includes paying rent and performing all other terms of the lease.

(Q) We received a letter from the City of East Lansing about the water line that services our property?  
(A) A letter and brochure has been mailed out by the City of East Lansing to some property owners.  
Click Here for additional info posted on the City's website.

Frequently Asked Questions
Below are many of the most frequently asked questions or issues our tenants run into while living in a house or apartment.  Many of the questions are answered below, however, there are some that either require a professional or may require you to call/email us.  We encourage you to read the info below, but do not hesitate to contact us if you are having an issue at your property or with your lease.
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