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Below are the areas we cover under a traditional management agreement.  Each owner has the ability to tailor his or her agreement to meet their specific needs. 

-Leases will be executed by licensed agents of Hagan Realty, Inc. and will include all documents required by local, state, and national laws.  We also include additional provisions related to items such as noise and over occupancy which can be detrimental to license on particular properties.  A copy of our entire lease packet is available online for tenant as well as parent review. 
-Properties will be added to our Houselist on our website,, which receives 30,000+ visitors per year.
-Rent signs will be placed on the property if necessary
-Print and online ads will be placed as needed
-Ads are posted on networking websites, both local and national 
-Participation in the Housing Fair; an annual event that takes place at the Union on the campus of MSU
-Scheduling and attending of all showings will be done by Hagan Realty

Rent/Deposit Collection
-All rent money, deposit money, fines, bills, etc. associated with renting a property will be collected by Hagan Realty.  We will invoice
tenants for damages as well as pursue necessary avenues of collecting past due rent.  
-Delinquent payments are pursued and collected in accordance with the law.
-Legal proceedings related to eviction; filing documents, coordinating attorneys, and court appearances can be handled if necessary.

-Owners will receive a detailed financial statement at time periods specified in the management contract.
-Additional accounting services are available at the owners request.
-See Sample Year End Statement.  Note: Information collected will vary owner to owner and property to property.

Change Over
-The entire moving process is handled, including but not limited to; painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning, utility transfers, and repairs.

-Hagan Realty handles all communications regarding inspections, P.A.C.E. violations, and all other City related issues.
-All tenant related issues such as lease questions and maintenance request, including 24 hour emergency staff, are handled by
Hagan Realty. 

-All properties are inspected during move out by an appliance company, a screen & glass company, and our staff to ensure we are aware of all damage. This is done every year in case 1 or more tenants have changed from the previous year.
-Digital pictures are taken and detailed invoices are completed and kept on file.  
-In addition, properties are inspected, as required by the City, once a year in order to renew the rental license.
-Tenant maintenance calls and emails are handled promptly by our staff or a licensed contractor.
-We have a 24 hour emergency line to ensure a rapid response if necessary. 
-Preventative maintenance items are taken into account when properties are inspected by Hagan Realty.
-Owner requested maintenance can be done at regular intervals if requested.
(see Additional Services below for more details)

Lawncare & Landscaping
-Hagan Realty will mow and weed whip all lawns. 
-Regular landscaping such as adding mulch or shrubs will be performed at owners request.
-Trees are trimmed and/or removed when necessary or if required by the City.
-Tenants are provided with necessary tools to complete snow shoveling and leaf raking, as stated in the lease.
-Additional raking and/or shoveling is done if not finished by the tenants.

Additional Services
-Hagan Realty, Inc. can contract and oversee large remodel jobs.
-Projects that improve the long term viability of an investment such as new windows, a new roof, waterproofing, etc. can be done.
-Our company can market and sell your investment property.
-We can provide an in-depth analysis of your portfolio; beyond the normal account reporting.
*additional fees may apply for certain services
At Hagan Realty, Inc, our goals are to:

Maximize Your Cash Flow
Our years of experience as well as the number of properties we have in the area allow us to determine the maximum rent for a particular property.  Factors such as size, location, number of bathrooms, amenities, etc. are all taken into account as well.
Maintain & Improve Your Property
Each property is inspected regularly and maintained in compliance with City standards.  Properties are updated in order to meet the demands of the market as well as new building codes.
Give You Piece of Mind
We handle everything so you can spend your time on more important things!  
Having a property manager means no more late night and weekend calls, no more dealing with the City or the inspection process.  
We can allow you to enjoy the return on your investment stress free.  

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